The Club

Frant Bowls Club is based in Frant, East Sussex. Its green is adjacent to Frant Memorial Hall and is on the Bells Yew Green Road on the opposite side to the cricket pitch. For GPS users the post code is TN3 9ED. Please go to the location page for a map or directions.

Throughout our club's 100 year history, as a club and a country, we've faced War, thankfully not pestilence but certainly tough times financially, and now a plague in the shape of Covid 19. Only twice has the club has been forced to close - first by WW II and then by Covid. Each of these have inexorably led to fluctuations in our membership numbers. Right now our numbers are on the low side.

Covid has taught us we need to be more active and to be outside in the open air. Lawn Bowls exactly fits those needs and much more besides. So why not set your wood rolling by contacting one of the contacts listed.

Everyone - experienced or absolute beginner, young or old, is made welcome to the club. Equipment is supplied and all we ask is that you wear shoes without heels. If you are new to the game then we are able to offer unofficial coaching by experienced bowlers.

Ordinarily matches are played most Saturday afternoons and Wednesday evenings during the outdoor season, which starts around the middle of April and continues until mid September. Informal roll-up sessions for members and non-members are normally held from 4.30pm on Tuesdays.

There is an associated short mat club which is based in Frant Memorial Hall where roll-ups are held most Tuesdays and Thursdays during the winter season unless there is a match on that day.

2021 season matches

Some of the clubs on the fixture list have been unable to raise teams for some of the matches and Frant has unfortunately had to cancel several games because of the weather and two games for unsufficient players - in one case because of covid. As the season draws to an end the turnout at roll-ups is sparse and the number of match players is only just enough to get teams out.

With luck, our (belated) centenary year in 2022 will engender more enthusiasm and perhaps cause some newcomers to take up the sport.

The Green

The green has had a hard time during 2021 but has survived. Initially the poor drainage at the corner near the gate caused a plastic-like fungus film to form which served to aggravate the problem. At one stage, the green was so waterlogged for so long that mowing was urgently required but proved to be impossible. It was rescued from the brink of disaster and recovered quite quickly though. Spiking and verticutting has improved drainage and a couple of feeds have now allowed some healthy growth and the green has been bowling well throughout the summer.

Frant Bowls Club September 2021 A good seeing-to with the Graden machine at the end of the season should ensure the green emerges fit and healthy in 2022.

The Club Website

The website has moved! Since it first appeared, the club's website has been hosted by Chris' Internet Service Provider, Plusnet, as a free service provided to customers. Over the years this has been a pain to Plusnet and they stopped offering this service to new customers a few years back. Existing users were transferred to Hostopia and Plusnet became unable to offer support, so when things started going wrong at Hostopia during the summer such that we had no access to the database that the website uses there was no help available to fix the problem. Plusnet could only recommend that the site be moved to another host and this is what has happened. It is now hosted by 123-reg with whom the club's domain name is registered. The downside of this arrangement is that it costs us money but for that we get proper support. Over the next few weeks, there will be a few changes made, but every effort to cause minimal disruption to the few regular users will be made.

CJH, Sept, 2021

News from the Green

By Anguis Fragilis

Flicking through a magazine that came with my newspaper I noticed this advert - "Reconnect with what's really important and embrace life's simple pleasures. Own a home at ...................... and start building your legacy of happiness. Six bedroom villas from 5.2 million euros."

It would seem some of life's simple pleasures can be a touch expensive!

Lawn Bowls is neither simple nor expensive. It is though great fun and matches can be enthralling to play in. Drake of course got so involved in a game he insisted on finishing it before setting off to defeat the Armada. I suspect after we've finished our game we're likely to follow the more peaceful pursuit of having a drink in the clubhouse. If you'd like to give bowls a try please do contact one of our committee members.